Will Foot + Mouth Affect Open?

Royal Lytham, the site for the 2000 Open Championship, is located near a heavily affected area...

Will Foot + Mouth Affect Open?

" We are confident that the Open is going ahead as planned," Peter Dawson, Secretary of the R & A, said at a press conference in Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club today (Tuesday).

"We are well informed of the FMD situation as it affects Lytham and are aware that there may be measures that we have to put in place in order to eliminate any risk to livestock. These will be carefully considered over the next few weeks."

" There is no doubt in our minds that the Open will take place."

Lytham lies outside the 'Infected Area' which takes in Cumbria and a large part of Lancashire and in such a case MAFF recommends that the public should be permitted access to areas of non-agricultural land such as golf courses.

However in Factsheet 4 MAFF points out:

"Persons who have contact with Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) susceptible species are advised there is a risk that the disease may be passed on through contact at organised events. Though the risk of this indirect transmission is low there are a number of steps that can be taken to further reduce the risk."

The R&A will therefore assess what measures to put in place at car parks and at the course to eliminate any risk of cross contamination. These will be announced nearer the time of the Open when the state of FMD at that time will be fully taken into account.

It has been reported that while some skies may carry a faint hint of smoke, no pyres have taken place on the grounds of Royal Lytham, and none are planned.

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