Women busted for flashing golfers

Illinois women take golf etiquette to a new level

Women busted for flashing golfers

Now we at Golfmagic Towers know that golf etiquette is something discussed until we’re all blue in the face. But here are two women who took it to a whole new level.

Alicia Binford and Shelly Lewis, two forty-somethings from Illinois, were charged with public indecency recently after giving out topless hugs at Woodlands Golf Course, near St Louis, and were released on a $100 bail.

When police arrived, Madison County Sherriff’s Captain Mike Dixon said: “The officers didn’t witness Binford and Lewis golfing, they witnessed them pulling their shirts up.”

A witness told local reporters of her disgust at the incident.

“We have children that live out here. We have a neighbour that has her three grandchildren out here all the time. Our young grandchildren are out here. This is a family neighbourhood,” she said.

“And the game of golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game. I can’t believe that anybody would allow something like this.”

We think this sets us up for a rather fun discussion on etiquette. Tell us below, what is the worst example of etiquette you have ever either carried out or experienced? Remember to follow @Golfmagic and join us on Facebook too.

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