Yes! Golf putter winners

All will get a special fitting and a putting lesson

Yes! Golf putter winners
golf putter winners
The new Yes! Golf Abbie putter/CENTER>

Golfmagic members Jamie Forster, Jim Stankard and Adrian Wheeler have each won a Yes! Golf putter in the competition we ran on the Forum during March.

Each is being invited to one of Yes! Golf's centre's in the UK for a fitting for a new putter, as well as a lesson from the Harold Swash putting academy.

Cheltenham-based Jamie (30) is a commercial manager for a Scottish company and is a 15-handicap member of Puckrup Hall Golf club near Tewkesbury, while Jim (54) has his own business in the digital re-touching and creation sector of the advertising industry and is a 20 handicapper at Clevedon Golf Club.

Jim admits: "I'm a common or garden variety golfer who pays his subs and keeps to pace. Originally I was an 88 handicap but playing monthly medals off the same tees as the Jamega Tour guys is taking its toll! I'm not good enough to fret about scores; it's about the fresh air and friends for me."

Completing our putter winners is 38-year-old reinsurance technician, from Aldershot Adey Wheeler who plays off seven handicap.

"I've played every week for the last 20 years and love everything about golf; it never gets boring. I'm playing less now as my seven year old son is into golf and having lessons. I can't wait for the day I get shots off him!"

He adds: "I really enjoy logging onto Golfmagic - its fun, everyone seems mad on golf and I have picked up so many useful things."

We'll keep you posted with a special feature on their fitting.

Footnote: Yes! Golf's latest success came with a second place in the Estoril Open de Portugal for Gonzalo Fernandez-Castaño using a YES! Golf Abbie putter, narrowly losing in a play-off at the third extra hole to Michael Hoey.

The Spaniard switched to the Abbie in Dubai and had adjustments made in Seville last week before from 69 – 74 degrees upright, to accommodate a change in his set-up while maintaining his stroke consistency.

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