Golfer follows up an albatross with a 21 on a par 4!

High school golfer gets an albatross on a par 5, before scoring a 21 on a par 4 just two holes later.

High school golfer follows albatross with a 21
High school golfer follows albatross with a 21

We've all had a nightmare or two while playing in a stroke play competition, but this one might just top the lot. In stroke play, every putt must be holed and every shot counts, and every now and then that can lead to a disaster of a big score. Very rarely though do these monster scores follow an albatross...

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High school senior Will Reeves was playing in a Washington Junior Golf Association District 5 Sub-District tournament (bit of a long winded name), where he started his day perfectly, making a birdie on the first hole.

After a few bogeys over the next three holes, Reeves made an incredible albatross 2 on a par 5. Unfortunately, Reeves followed that up with a triple-bogey 6 on a par 3, but it still left him with a decent score of just one over through six holes.

On the par-4 7th at Prairie Falls Golf Club, Reeves had a hole he will never forget and not for good reason, as he scored a 21, yes you read that correctly, 21, a huge 17 shots over par for the hole.

Reeves, just 17 years old from Washington, kept his composure, bouncing back with a par and a birdie to finish the front nine with a 53. Reeves shot a very respectful 39 on the back to sign a 92 for his round. Looking at other results in the sub-district tournament, Reeves is clealrly capable of much better. The worst part is, a par on the 7th hole would have seen Reeves make the cut by four shots...

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