Golfer TRICKS his girlfriend by wearing work gear on video call

WATCH: This clever golfer wore his work gear to the course to facetime his other half...

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Mon, 8 Jun 2020
Golfer TRICKS his girlfriend by wearing work gear on video call

I bet most of you have been faced with that awkward chat where your other half tells you that you spend too much time on the golf course with the lads... Am I right?

We've all been there. We all work hard and sometimes a bit of quality time with your girlfriend isn't the same as getting out on the golf course with your friends (don't tell mine I said that).

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Well one golfer decided a round of golf after work was just what he needed, but it seems telling his partner that simply wasn't an option, so he decided to bend the truth a little.

In the video below, this brave golfer puts on his hi-vis vest and hard hat, moves away from the tee box and gives his other half a quick Facetime call and tells her he's been asked to stay at work.

Listen carefully and you can actually hear her ask the question "so what time do you think you'll be home?" to which he responds "probably not until 8:30" whilst his friends laugh away in the background.

Whether or not he got away with it we don't know, but it was certainly clever thinking, although I'm sure his girlfriend would disagree.

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