How are YOU coping without any golf during lockdown?

GolfMagic readers reveal how they are finding life without golf during the coronavirus lockdown...

How are YOU coping without any golf during lockdown?

GolfMagic readers from across the globe have been telling us exactly how they are coping without any golf during the coronavirus lockdown - and some of the answers have certainly made us chuckle during these difficult times.

The consensus among our readers on our Facebook page - which now has more followers than any other European digital golf website with more than 170,000 - is that we need to get back out on the golf course, but only when it is safe to do so. 

How are YOU coping without any golf during lockdown?

For some readers, golf courses need to reopen because life at home is becoming far too stressful. 

"I'm not coping at all," said one of our readers. "I also hate decorating."

Another reader said: "I have to talk to the wife now [angry face]. It's not funny, I need to play GOLF!"

"It's an absolute joke," said one reader. "Golf courses should never have closed in the first place."




"Yeah I am going mental, officially nuts in fact," said another GolfMagic reader.

"Whatever the green fees are when they reopen I will pay them!"

Others are just praying they will have a golf club to come back to when the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

"Just hoping my club will still exist when the time comes that clubs can open up again," said one reader. 


How are YOU coping without any golf during lockdown?

One of our American readers from Texas, however, revealed no such problem. In fact lockdown has resulted in a case of "too much golf".

"I've played more golf since all this s*** started than ever before. Hours being cut back at work has given me more free time, and courses in my hometown haven't skipped a beat."


How are YOU coping without any golf during lockdown?

Another reader from Texas revealed something similar, only the game is not quite the same as it was a couple of months ago. 

"Played a few times since the start of this c**p," wrote our American friend.

"My course is still open in Texas. Some are walking only, some are one person to a cart. Stick stays in and holes are upside down so the ball only drops an inch, and you can pick it up without putting your hand inside the hole."


How are YOU coping without any golf during lockdown?

One of our Connecticut friends has also been taking advantage. 

"I am able to play three or four times a week," he wrote. "In fact I like it better. My club is only allowing walkers and limited guests, and still getting rounds in under four hours.

"It’s the only good thing Connecticut did during this panic and fear driven media campaign."



While some of us have not been so fortunate enough to hit a golf course, the next best thing has been using golf training aids in the back yard. 

"Putting a chipping and putting green in the back garden last year was money well spent," said one reader. "The addition of a driving net has made it perfect."

Another reader commented: "I have set up practice stations in the balcony of my house for chipping, putting with real balls and irons, woods, and driver shots with foam practice balls. I can actually pretend to play holes on my home course its been great!"

"It's honestly the only way I've been able to keep myself sane," said another reader. "Ripping balls into my new training net has been great. I've no idea where the ball is heading, but it feels nice. Plus I don't lose any balls, so I'm saving myself a fortune!"

Home setups have not gone to plan for everyone, though...




Always be careful if you're using a home setup... [ @gmangerrit]

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There has been so much short-game wizardry going on in gardens around the world, that many believe they can now give Phil Mickelson a run for his money with a wedge in hand. The only issue is just the rest of the game. 

"My chipping and putting feels on point," said one of our readers. "I've just got to work on getting the ball off the tee now!"

How are YOU coping without any golf during lockdown?

For the rest of us, well, it sounds we have been honing our skills in the comfort of our living room chair. No doubt with a beer on the side acting as caddie. 

"I’ve played St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island and Congressional since lockdown," said one of our readers. "Granted it’s all been on my iPad... if I didn’t have that I would go mad!"

How are you coping without any golf during the coronavirus lockdown? Head over to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels to let us know. 

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