Joe Miller shows you two drills to hit absolute BOMBS

Joe Miller, the 2016 World Long Drive Champion, takes to Instagram to show you a few drills to help you start hitting longer drives with plenty of speed.

Joe Miller Instagram tips
Joe Miller Instagram tips

Joe Miller
Joe Miller

If there's one person to take tips from when it comes to hitting longer drives, it's Joe Miller. The 2016 World Long Drive Champion and Callaway Ambassador hits absolute bombs with his driver and has recently posted a couple of drills for you to try on the driving range.

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There's no better feeling in golf than pulling out your driver and ripping it 300+ yards down the middle of the fairway. Unfortunately, for most golfers, this isn't a regular occurance, but Joe Miller is here to help.

Now you might not be as big as the 6'4 driving beast, but that doesn't mean you can't copy some of his drills and start hitting some bombs of your own.

Check out the two drills below that Joe posted on Instagram and give them a go next time you're on the driving range.


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I’m gonna have to start charging you lot for this kinda information soon .... AoA (angle of attack) which basically means, is the club travelling down at the point of impact or up at the point of impact. This drill will give you your highest AoA ever things to note 1 the head position over the right foot 2 the low point of the driver about 12 inches behind the ball and 3 the huge amount of travel of the left shoulder away from the ball Start with a slower swing speed like this and build on it once you have it down Remember ... the higher the AoA.. the lower lofted driver you will need, lower lofted drivers = less spin, more roll, higher ball speeds, longer drives Tag everyone that needs longer drives

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