Only 24% of golfers are women: 18Birdies and LPGA seek to boost number

LPGA Tour and 18Birdies form partnership to better understand what limits women's participation in golf. 

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Thu, 24 May 2018

A joint effort between the LPGA and 18Birdies is seeking to better understand what limits women's participation in the game after it has come to light that only 24% of golfers are women. 

The 18Birdies-LPGA partnership is looking to leverage the two organisations’ resources to boost the number of female players in the sport. 

18Birdies and research firm, Fusion Hill, conducted a joint ethnographic research study, “It’s His Game, Not Her Game,” that underpins the partnership, and the study looks at barriers to women’s golf participation and motivations among women who do play.


Among the study’s findings…

  • Many women golf under the guidance of someone more experienced and thus don’t have a passionate sense of “ownership” of their games.
  • Many women often lack the social network that’s key to enjoying golf for many men.
  • Many women feel guilty prioritizing golf over traditional family needs.
  • Women often enter the game knowing less about golf and sports in general, making them less confident.
  • Most women learn golf from a significant other who is relatively advanced, thus from the start, golf is “his thing.”
  • Many women say golf is an expensive sport in terms of greens fees and investing in equipment/clothes for infrequent play is a barrier to entry.

Based on these data points, 18Birdies and Fusion Hill put together the following recommendations to engage and retain the female golfer...