Phil Mickelson hints at Tiger Woods rematch

Phil Mickelson dropped a big hint on Twitter that he and Tiger Woods could face each other in a possible rematch.

Phil Mickelson hints at Tiger Woods rematch
Phil Mickelson hints at Tiger Woods rematch

The PGA Tour season might be at a halt right now, but we could see some live action sooner than we thought, after Phil Mickelson hinted at a potential rematch against Tiger Woods.

One golf fan tweeted Mickelson asking if he and Woods could be mic'd up for a round of golf, saying "we need live sports" and Mickelson responded.

After telling the golf fan that he's "working on it," Mickelson received another tweet asking not to be teased over the idea, but the five-time major champion assured the fan by saying: "I don't tease. I'm kinda a sure thing."

We witnessed the first chapter of "The Match" back in November 2018 when Mickelson and Woods went head-to-head at Shadow Creek Golf Club in Las Vegas, where Mickelson took home the $9 million prize at the fourth extra hole.

The unusual high-stakes match had plenty of potential as it was something that had never been done before, especially not for such an enormous prize, but it received plenty of mixed reviews.

Many fans were disappointed with the lack of quality in the match and interaction between the two, even though they wore mics for the entire round.

Throughout the match, the two golf giants made side bets that totalled around $800,000 which then went to charity, a highlight of the disappointing match-up.

With Mickelson being very active on social media, I'm sure he's aware of the negative press the first episode of The Match received, so if a rematch was to happen, you'd think there would be a lot more interaction between the two this time around.

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