Sunningale Golf Club bans ex Premier League star after beer bottle stunt

Famous English golf club bans former Premier League player Jimmy Bullard after Peroni stunt.

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Sun, 19 Nov 2023
Sunningale Golf Club bans ex Premier League star after beer bottle stunt

Former Premier League footballer Jimmy Bullard has confirmed in an interview with the Mirror he he has been banned from the swanky Sunningale Golf Club after hitting a golf ball off a Peroni bottle.

Bullard, 45, played for a number of football teams during his career including Wigan, Fulham and Hull City, but he now co-hosts a YouTube and social media golf channel with former Soccer AM star Pete 'Tubes' Dale. 

After retiring from football in 2012, Bullard decided to take golf seriously and he quickly turned professional in 2013. 

Bullard plays golf at a number of clubs around the country, but especially in the south where he became a member of Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire, England. 

Sunningdale sets you back a gigantic £92,000 for full membership, on top of another £9,500 a year. 

But Bullard has now been banned from the club following his 'Peroni Picker' stunt during a charity event earlier this season. 

Bullard is said to struck his tee shot down the 1st hole using a Peroni bottle as the tee. 

The incident is said to have upset a number of fellow members at Sunningdale, according to an article in the Mirror.

While Bullard's 'Peroni Picker' from Sunningdale is not on his socials, he did recently re-enact the shot during James Maddison's charity tournament at The Shire.


While Bullard has since apologised for his antics at Sunningdale, he remains banned from the club. 

Bullard told the Mirror: 

"I'm not allowed to go again. I had a few drinks and I got carried away. I put a Peroni off the first tee and clipped a ball off it. It's obviously not the thing to do, so I apologise."

Bullard first spoke about his Sunningdale ban while appearing on snooker legend Stephen Hendry's YouTube channel, Cue Tips

He told Hendry: 

"If there are any Sunningdale members watching, I do apologise. I really want to come back."

Bullard had recently been co-presenting Soccer AM but the long-standing Sky Sports programme was axed earlier this season. 

It is believed Bullard is currently playing to a +1 handicap. 

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