Video goes viral of a man attacked by a KANGAROO on a golf course!

This kangaroo wasn't backing down from a fight with this unlucky golfer...

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Fri, 15 Jan 2021
Video goes viral of a man attacked by a KANGAROO on a golf course!

Living in the UK, I often watch videos online or even certain European and PGA Tour destinations and get extremely jealous seeing the cool wildlife that other golfers get to experience around the world. Then I see videos like this and I'm glad the only animals I see on the golf course are deers and pheasants...

Australia has some incredibly beautiful golf courses, but it's also the home of the kangaroo. In a video posted on Barry Ehlert's Instagram page (@ehlertbarry), an angry kangaroo charges at a golfer who at first attempts to flee around the golf cart, before taking it on with his driver...


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The video went viral pretty quickly and golf fans couldn't help but flood the comments section to have their say on the wild scrap.

"His friend ain’t no help!"



"Joe Rogan in the background... 'ohhhhhhhh He’s hurt the kangaroo hurt him.'"

"Did that roo just take the club from that guy?"

"They don’t back down but you can’t lose to a roo like that."

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I'm not quite sure what my reaction would be if a kangaroo decided to charge at me on a golf course and to be honest I'd rather not find out.

I mean what's more embarrassing, losing to your mates or being knocked on your back by a kangaroo?

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