WATCH: Andrew 'Beef' Johnston MONSTER 200kg rack pull

Andrew 'Beef' Johnston continues his hard work in the gym and it's most certainly paying off!

WATCH: Andrew 'Beef' Johnston MONSTER 200kg rack pull
WATCH: Andrew 'Beef' Johnston MONSTER 200kg rack pull

Strength and conditioning has become a huge part of modern golf and players train a lot harder in the gym than others did 20 years ago. Not only does strength training help improve power and increase distance, but it can also play a major role in preventing long term injury.

Andrew 'Beef' Johnston is one of the most liked players on Tour and after opening up about his struggles with mental health, the Englishman has made some positive changes to his life and is working seriously hard in the gym. Watch Beef's monster 200kg rack pull below:

Towards the end of 2019, Beef played golf with Tubes on his YouTube channel where the two discussed the importance of speaking to someone when you feel like you're struggling mentally and not keeping it bottled up.

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"Definitely speaking about it has really helped and I’ve always said it how it is anyway, so the reason I took time off earlier in the season was because I wasn’t myself," said Johnston.

"It wasn’t affecting me when I was away from the golf course, I was fine, but as soon as I stepped back on to the golf course or thought about tournaments, the anxiety and the worry about golf tournaments, I couldn’t play. So I pulled out of a load of golf tournaments last minute, I don’t know why but I just couldn’t be there. 

"I think not knowing why, was frustrating me the most about it. Then it kind of played on my mind. My fiancée Jodie helped me and she found a psychologist and once I started to work with him, things just began to make sense after a while. 

"I didn’t realise after 2016, going to America in 2017 with the build-up and the amount of pressure that I put on myself was just crazy. I was expecting to go there and just win tournaments and you’re thinking ‘if you don’t, people aren’t gonna like you’. So much pressure. 

"I wasn’t myself on the golf course, I was miserable, I was angry, I didn’t want to be involved with the crowd, I just wanted to get away from it. Away from the course I was fine, we could go out and have fun, go for dinner, whatever – fine. As soon as I started thinking about golf and even building up to a tournament, I just wanted to smash something and I was angry already before I even went to the tournament."

Since opening up about his battle with depression, Beef has helped thousands of others come forward and speak about their own problems.

The 31-year-old recently signed an apparel deal with PUMA Golf and is now continuing his journey to improve his game, physically and mentally.

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