WATCH: Golfer caught cheating LIVE on the news

An unsuspecting golfer was caught cheating by a news helicopter as it circled above.

Golf cheat caught on live news
Golf cheat caught on live news

Now if you want to cheat in golf, that's completely up to you. You're only cheating yourself, but who are we to judge. But if you do cheat, it's only right that you get caught... and one man was caught live on tv as a news helicopter circled over two men during thier morning round of golf.

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It started when a golfer was spotted approaching his ball in the rough, where he then picked it up and moved it just right of the fairway.

For all we know his ball could have been sitting in standing water, or he may have had to take releief, but it's most likely that he just fancied a better lie and angle into the green. It seemed the improved lie didn't help him, as his next shot that was also caught on camera, seemed to go a few yards in front of him and towards the trees.

He clearly wasn't pleased with the result, as he ran over to his ball, picked it up and put it back in its original spot for a mulligan, where he then hit his next attempt down the fairway.

The news crew watching the moment unfold found it hilarious, so check it out for yourself in the clip below:


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