WATCH: Pebble Beach's green repairs are on another level

Take a look at how the greens are repaired at Pebble Beach ahead of this week's U.S Open.

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Thu, 13 Jun 2019

The U.S Open has caused some controversy over the last few years, with many people saying the USGA has been making the greens too difficult. This year, the USGA has admitted they haven't quite got it right in the past and know that it's crucial that this year's US Open at Pebble Beach is a success. If the green repair system at Pebble Beach is anything to go by, then the players are in for a treat this year...

Hit straighter iron shots - The toes in the air drill

Take a look at the video below, from the PGA Tour's Twitter, showing how divots are being repaired on the greens ahead of the 2019 US Open.

We're not sure whether this man is a greenkeeper or a magician...