'What a crock of s***!" New videos emerge from Patrick Reed's rules dispute

A string of seven short videos from Bay Hill tell the full story behind Reed's controversial ruling.

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Thu, 22 Mar 2018

Earlier in the week we brought you news of Patrick Reed calling out Jordan Spieth during a rules decision from the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational - but a string of four videos have now emerged on social media that would appear to add greater context to the incident. 

"I guess my name needs to be Jordan Spieth [to get the ruling]," said Reed, who faces Spieth in the WGC Match Play on Friday. 

Check out the videos below from Tyler Soughers, which reveal a very spicy exchange of words between Reed and the Tour official, to which Reed ends up calling the ruling "a crock of s***!"





"I got y'all's tower in my way," Reed tells the rules official in the first video, explaining that while he doesn't have much of a play, he has "somewhat of a backswing" to play with.



"This tower is definitely in my way," he lobbies in the second video, claiming that he does, in fact, have a backswing. The rules official, unimpressed, goes to get a second opinion at Reed's request.



Upon the arrival of the second official, Reed resumes his case. "Yeah, Patrick, I don't see it," the official says. "I can't believe y'all don't — really?" Reed says. "I have the backswing."



Then things heat up! A woman's voice from off-camera says: "Anyone else would get a drop out of there any day of the week."

"I guess my name needs to be Jordan Spieth, guys," said Reed. 

That remark in particular seems to set the rules official off, and he steps away. "Patrick, you're going to play away." Reed then asks for a third opinion, but doesn't seem serious about the request, as he moves to play his next shot.



After holding court with two different officials Reed essentially has to attempt the shot, and succeeds in advancing the ball forward — though not very far. "Hey, where is he?" Reed asks with glee, summoning the rules official again. This time, relief is granted from the cable beside him and from the tower.



Reed takes his drop, picks up the tee marking his previous spot, and comes back to his ball with a pointed remark. "What a crock of s---," he says, to laughter.



Reed then pitches the ball down to 22 feet. He would two-putt from there for a double bogey 6 and went on to finish T8 at eight under par.