When Tiger Woods first met Sam Snead

Watch this video on the first time that Tiger Woods met Sam Snead as a junior golfer.

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Tue, 29 Oct 2019
When Tiger Woods first met Sam Snead

They now share the same incredible record of 82 PGA Tour victories, but when did Tiger Woods and Sam Snead first meet? The PGA Tour recently tweeted a brilliant cartoon video of Woods as a junior, rolling backthe years to when he first met Snead. The two played a acouple of holes together when Woods was just five-yeaars-old, but he remembers it like it was yesterday. Check it out below.

"I met Sam when I was five," said Woods.

"He was playing at Calabasas, out in L.A. I ws this little snot-nosed kid at five-years-old that he had to play the last two holes with.

"I remember it was a par 3, I'm five, I can't carry it very far. I hit it into the water and he tells me to go pick it up out of the water. When my Dad was alive he'd tell me that I was slightly competitive. Even at that age.

"I didn't like him telling me to pick the ball up because my Dad always taught me to play it as it is. There's no such thing as winter rules, so I went ahead and played it.

"I made bogey on that hole, the par 3, and I made bogey on the last hole. He went par-par and I lost by two. I still have the card at home, he signed it. That's the first time I ever met Sam."