Justin Rose reveals why he REJECTED bumper LIV Golf League offer

Justin Rose revealed he heavily considered the idea of joining the LIV Golf League after capturing his 11th PGA Tour victory after a four-year drought.

Justin Rose reveals why he REJECTED bumper LIV Golf League offer
Justin Rose reveals why he REJECTED bumper LIV Golf League offer

Justin Rose says there have been moments where over the past few years he's heavily considered the idea of joining the LIV Golf League

Rose, 44, ended his four-year wait for a win on the PGA Tour at Pebble Beach last week to capture his 11th win on the North American circuit. 

After taking home a cheque for $1.6m, Rose revealed that a last-minute equipment switch - and some fortune - helped him get the job done. 

Rose's last victory came at Torrey Pines in 2019 and since then he's endured a rough few years.

He's fallen down to No. 35 in the Official World Golf Rankings and endured some Ryder Cup misery. There was also his move to Honma that never really worked out after he left TaylorMade. 

That being said, if Rose were to retire today he could be proud of an illustrious career but he wants to add to that one major championship. 

Appearances at the major championships have been thrown into doubt for players who have joined the breakaway tour but now we are starting to have a bit more clarity

For Rose, the process of joining or not joining Greg Norman and Ryder Cup Europe stalwarts has been drawn out. 

How much involvement did Rose have in the LIV discussions? 

Rose told the media: 

"Not a great deal. I have had obviously through the, I don't know, what, four or five year process that this has been, all been talked about. There's been moments where I leaned into it a little more closely and moments where -- but when push comes to shove there was never a moment where you're like, 'Okay, well there's a pathway to achieve this, this, and this.' So never really further than that."

Justin Rose reveals why he REJECTED bumper LIV Golf League offer

"I'm keeping my nose out of it..."

A key date arrived in the calendar on 6 February.

No, it wasn't the decision to remove that patio on the Swilcan Bridge but the first of a five-day legal hearing in London between the DP World Tour and the LIV players disputing their fines and suspensions. 

As for Rose, he believes that LIV players teeing it up on the European-based circuit definitely strengthens the fields, but he wants to keep his nose out. 

He said:  

"Listen, it's definitely strengthened European Tour events, if you're looking at it from a field point of view and things like that.
"But I think the -- I mean, yeah, part of me thinks you've made a decision, you should just get your head down and stick with that. But at the same time, a lot of these guys have given a lot to the European Tour over two decades. Maybe that should count for something too.
"So, listen, I try to keep my nose out of it because a lot of them are my friends and they remain my friends. I don't judge their decision because everyone has their own parameters for what makes a good decision or not.
"So, but listen, I still continue to stay in touch with them and wish them the best. I don't really want to make a determination on that one. I actually don't even know what the ins and outs are of the legal situation, what actually is at stake, to be honest with you. I've lost track of all that, to be fair."

Justin Rose reveals why he REJECTED bumper LIV Golf League offer

"Obviously I would love to play my way onto the team..."

Rose has now played his way into the 2023 Masters field but he's also thrown his name into the mix for Ryder Cup contention. 

He boasts a 13-8-2 record at the biennial dustup and would bring a wealth of experience to Luke Donald's European side. 

Rose memorably was overlooked by Padraig Harrington. Perhaps it wouldn't have mattered as the U.S. dominated the contest to win 19-9. 

Rose said: 

"I haven't even entertained what the Ryder Cup looks like for me. Other than I want to be there.
"But I've also had to be -- and I said it to Luke -- Hero Cup and things like that, beginning part of the year I would love to have been involved in it. But I felt like what was really important to me was getting off to a good start on the PGA Tour so I wasn't under pressure later in the season, so I could turn my attentions to the Ryder Cup and the European Tour as and when that becomes the important part of the phase of the season."

He added: 

"So the plan's gone pretty perfectly, to be honest with you. Three really good solid weeks out here and I built a platform now to be able to look at the rest of the year in a much more positive light and start earning points.
"Yeah, [I would] obviously love to play my way onto the team. But wanted to be a player that if I'm playing well, Luke has to consider and feel good about being part of this team." 

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