adidas Tour 360 Prime Boost review

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Mon, 18 Jul 2016
adidas Tour 360 Prime Boost review

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Great aesthetics, comfortable, lots of grip
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PRICE: £150.00 YEAR: from 2016

adidas Tour 360 Prime Boost review

Gone are the days when youngsters were forced to wear outdated shoe styles, slipping them on in the carpark under a cloud of embarrassment.

Golf shoe designers are no longer turning a blind eye to the fashion world, which moves at a lightning speed.

These kicks show how far golf shoes have come.

The Adidas tour 360 Prime Boost shoe is one of the most progressive products on the market, boasting beautiful aesthetics and supreme performance.


Hardly in your face, but these will not go unmissed on the golf course. The blue and white speckled pattern on the knitted upper looks superb, and is akin to what we see happening in the trainer market worldwide.

The gold adidas logo, and splashes of gold seen elsewhere, are appealing, and the gap located between the sole of the player’s foot and the sole of the shoe in the midsection is a nifty added extra.

It’s easy to see why adidas has become so popular among the younger generation. Its fingers are on the pulse – in multiple locations.

adidas Tour 360 Prime Boost review


You can make themost fashionable shoe in the world, but if it doesn’t work as a golf shoe, it’s rendered pointless.

Thankfully, the adidas Tour 360 Prime Boost ticks all the boxes. They perform so well, we would even consider slipping them on even if they were clumpy and ugly.

Primeknit technology is employed in the upper, allowing the shoe to flex to your movements, and is aided with responsive full-length Boost in the forefoot and heel. This is partnered with the 360Wrap sadle, an S-Curve heel shape, and GEO collar with a foam tongue.

As if this wasn’t enough, a Torsion Tunnel between the heel and the forefoot is also thrown in the pot, producing one ridiculously comfortable golf shoe.

Slip it on and see for yourself – you won’t want to take it off.

While they feel sleek and light, 50/50 Protect is employed in the lower side of the shoe, making them water resistant. We trudged around sodden fairways in Scotland, and were left with pristine, dry feet at the end of it.

Like a trainer, the Tour 360 Prime boost has a springy feel, putting a bounce in our step. When swinging, we felt like we were getting some extra zip through energy transfer via the shoes.

Playing both in the wet and the dry, we were impressed with the amount of grip on offer. The dual density puremotion TPU outsole with CenTraxion and thintech cleats dug into the ground and offered excellent traction, no matter the conditions or surface.

In the cold and in hot weather, the shoes kept our feet at a decent temperature.


One of the most fashionable shoes on the market, while also offering world class performance.

Striking, comfortable, and lots of grip on offer.

Simply put, one of the best golf shoes in 2016.

Head to the Adidas Golf website for more information. 

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