Classic Tour eVent spikeless review

Max Harvey
Thu, 16 Jun 2016
stuburt classic tour event shoe

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PRICE: £70.00 YEAR: from 2016

Stuburt's new Classic Tour eVent shoe provides the perfect blend of style, comfort and value for money. 

Inspired by Darren Clarke's original DCC Shoe, the Classic Tour offers the traditional wingtip look that has been associated with premium golf shoes for years. 

Brands have been leaning towards more casual, athletic looking shoes in recent years, but this classic look is timeless and will appeal to all age groups and handicaps. Available in black or white, these sleek pair of shoes look the part whether you are in shorts or trousers.  

Sitting down in the changing room before teeing up in the Monthly Medal, several members commented on their appearance. With all due respect to Stuburt, both members were surprised, yet pleased, to learn these shoes were Stuburt's latest design. 

Classic Tour eVent spikeless review

You almost expect to be limping down the 18th with a couple of blisters when wearing new shoes for the first, but not with these. The fit is also inch perfect, with models available in sizes 7 to 12 and in half sizes.

Stuburt have teamed up with eVent to create a fantastically breathable and waterproof shoe, and we can testify that it's all in working order. Using these babies on both dry and wet fairways, we can assure you the Classic Tour shoe keeps your socks dry and cool.

To give you an idea of the science behind eVent's patented Direct Venting (DV) technology, it's all based on a waterproof membrane that is air permeable.

This means that billions of tiny open pores allow heat and moisture vapor (sweat) inside the footwear to escape in vapor form. The pores in the membrane are too small to let water pass through from the outside, and so the feet remain dry. 

Its spikeless sole also offers fantastic grip in all conditions and provides great confidence knowing you aren't going to slip during the swing - and if you're like me and cant keep your ball on the fairways, the shoes thankfully deliver brilliant stability through the wet rough.

Classic Tour eVent spikeless review


Great looks, great comfort, great performance. When considering a new pair of golf shoes that don't bust the bank, the Stuburt Classic Tour eVent should be very much on your radar. 

For more information, visit the Stuburt Golf website

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