J715 driver

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 16 Apr 2015
J715 driver

Need To Know

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PRICE: £350.00 YEAR: from 2015

The 460cc "FAST" (Flex Action Speed Technology) crown is thin near the face and thick towards the back to enable it to flex at impact for added distance.

Bridgestone has put moveable two-gram and eight-gram weights on multiple axes in the back/heel and the front/centre of the clubhead to allow the golfer to change the centre of gravity.

Looks: The J715 driver offers a neat, compact-looking clubhead at address that will likely appeal to low-handicap players. The black head combined with dark red shaft appealed to both testers, as too the deep face with clean, white grooves to help distinguish the face. Tester's comment: "No alignment aid on the crown proved a slight turn off."

Feel: A nicer "thwack" sound was noted at impact when the heavier eight-gram weight was placed in the front. It also provided good feedback on squiffy hits. Tester's comment: "The stock Mitsubishi shaft felt well balanced."

Performance: It proved particularly easy to draw when placing the heavier weight in the heel, and greater run-out was achieved when putting the same weight in the front. While we enjoyed low levels of backspin, however, the J715 finished in the middle of the pack for distance and below-average for forgiveness. This one is certainly a driver better suited in the hands of the lower-handicap player as good swings get rewarded but off-centre hits lose yardage in comparison to some of the other drivers we tested. Tester's comment: "Not forgiving enough for me, but I can see why Matt Kuchar uses it."

Verdict - BRONZE

In an age where driver technology aims to rescue a dreaded mis-hit, the J715 relies much more on the pilot. A little pricey at £350 given its overall performance, but better players who enjoy a classic-looking clubhead and an ability to shape the ball off the tee will love this one.