The 460cc S9-1 is available in six models: F, M, M Offset, Senior

Solid performer
Trying to find the right fit for inconsistent golfers

Looks: Traditional-looking 460cc head design marks a significant shift away from recent models, with the length to width ratio giving it a wide, deep face, as well as providing plenty of clubhead directly behind the ball. It's a big improvement of the L5V and L4Vs that went before, which didn't really suit my eye.

Feel & Performance: Cobra's enhanced 'Hotter 9 Points' Technology aims to offer higher ball speeds across a larger part of the face, while enhanced frequency tuning improves the feel and sound of the ball as it comes off the clubface. The sound was certainly reined in from previous models and it was extremely forgiving on off-centre hits feeling powerful sits well behind the ball.

I tried several different models, from the S9-1 Pro to the S9-1 (Moderate)Offset and each delivered appreciably different results, which was impressive. The key difference between each model is the location of the centre of gravity, which is altered within the head to provide the optimum ball flight conditions demanded by different player types and ball speeds.

Available in Pro, Pro D, F, M, M Offset, Senior's, Women's and Offset Women's models, weight is used to create more draw-bias from the F model to the M to the M Offset, while the two Pro models offer a more neutral position, allowing good players to work the ball.

The deep-faced Pro D delivers a mid-high launch with low spin, while the shallow-faced Pro S generates higher launch with low-to-mid spin. Both drivers use a Cobra/Matrix OZIK Xcon 6 shaft, while the other six models come with a 45.5-inch Aldila DVS-HL or Graphite Design Tour AD shafts in a variety of flexes to suit all swing speeds and trajectory requirements.

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