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Andy Roberts
Thu, 30 May 2013
One of the best all-round performers in the 2013 fairway wood market

Need To Know

Pear-shaped matte black clubhead is appealing; Great alignment aid; Very accurate and extremely easy-to-hit;
A little expensive
Our score:
PRICE: £199.00 YEAR: from 2013

The G25 fairway wood features the thinnest face that PING has ever put in a fairway wood. By using an extreme variable-thickness face, PING’s R&D team were able to trim weight from the face and place it lower and further back in the club.

The pear-shaped clubhead and subtle graphics with PING logo stretching across the sole is beautiful, as too, the familiar charcoal non-glare finish which eliminates reflection and inspires confidence.

I was also a big fan of the big alignment aid, shaped like half a ball. The head size is generous but it’s smaller than the G20 and a little shorter from heel to toe.

This club offered me tremendous feel in hands and again during the strike with an explosion-like thud through impact. The club is fuelled with an innovative TFC 189F shaft – a lightweight, high balance-point shaft developed specifically for the G25 – and that no doubt helped increase my clubhead speed.

In terms of performance, I achieved consistently straight ball striking, suitable 3-wood distance, desired mid-to-high launch and very little distance loss on off-centre strikes.

The G25 also provided me with low spin and that contributed to some decent roll, superb forgiveness on off-centre hits. This club requires little effort to get the ball airborne.


Some players may prefer a more compact, workable head but not for me. It’s ideal and does the job. Lacks a bit of distance but it looks the part, feels superb in the hands and is very forgiving. A little expensive at £199, though. One of the best all-round performers in the 2013 fairway wood market.

Pro Verdict - PGA pro Grant Guerin

Big fan of the black matte finish and like the indicator lines for alignment. The long, shallow face and low profile is a nice touch. Very easy to launch off the deck but lacks a little fire compared to some of the others. 

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