A great shoe with unrivaled technology that, essentially, works.

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Alex Perry
Thu, 1 Dec 2011

Need To Know

Unrivaled technology, good looking, far more stable than any other shoe on the market
Traditionalists might not like the more sporty look
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PRICE: £195.00 YEAR: from 2011

What is XPS?

XPS stands for eXtreme Platform Stability, a groundbreaking pattern which the #1 Shoe and Glove in Golf manufacturer says has been engineered to deliver superior levels of traction and balance.

As well as bold, athletic styling, the XPS-1 uses an extra-wide design extending beyond the shoe’s leather upper for maximum ground contact and combines with other technology to prevent heel slip and promote shock absorption.

Can you make that more technical?

The XtremeOutsole combines TPU lateral side outriggers, a lightweight fibreglass Support Structure and FootJoy’s HeelLoc Zone.

As you can see in the pictures, the outriggers extend beyond the upper sole for that super-wide platform for maximum contact with the ground.

The Support Structure, meanwhile, provides lateral and medial support to the middle area of the foot, while the HeelLoc Zone provides anti-slip technology in the heel.

Anything else?

Absolutely. The shoes are custom-fit for comfort, too, with the innovative 3D Viscoelastic GelCollar. A LaserPlus Last is formed specifically to match the shape of a golfer’s foot and is further enhanced by a Multi-Density Fit-Bed and EVA insert designed to improve cushioning and shock absorption.

What do FootJoy say?

European marketing manager Russell Lawes had this to say: “Regarded as the leader in high-performance footwear, golfers expect a certain standard from FJ golf shoes.

“With XPS-1, we have taken technology prowess to an unprecedented level. Almost every golfer who took part in rigorous testing of XPS-1 reported that they felt a greater sense of stability, overall controlled balance and were able to strike the ball with greater confidence.”

The Golfmagic Verdict

Well, you can’t argue with the testers Russell mentions. The XPS-1 is one of the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve pulled on – but that’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from FootJoy over the years.

And the difference in stability is immediately noticeable, particularly when you’re pulling out the big dog and the weight shift which comes with it. If you’re a geek, like me, you’ll love the story of how the shoe is designed and put together.

The style, delicately placed between ‘traditional’ and ‘sporty’ to satisfy everyone’s needs.

A great shoe that will appeal to all golfers.

Available now; RRP £195 www.footjoy.com

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