Aqua EZ Roller review

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Charlie Lemay
Wed, 2 Mar 2016
Aqua EZ Roller review
The Big Max Aqua EZ Roller is the best in class, boasting all the attributes required of a travel bag.

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Classy aesthetics, waterproof, boasts six wheels
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PRICE: £159.99 YEAR: from 2015

In this line of work, one rarely travels without a golf bag in tow. Over the years I have worn through numerous travel bags, and have been privy to the merits and pitfalls of a multitude of products.

While the humble travel bag may be viewed as a peripheral part of the golfer’s armoury, a decent one makes transporting golf clubs less of a chore, rendering it pivotal to the nomadic player.

After all, no one wants to suffer the indignity of wrapping their clubs in plastic at the airport...


As we unloaded our luggage on a recent trip to Dublin, I looked around at the travel bags belonging to the 20 or so fellow members of the golf press. Mine looked like Prada next to Primark.

The Big Max Aqua EZ Roller oozes class, and looks like a premium product. Available with both yellow or red detail, the bag has grey branding in places, but maintains an understated appearance.


The key attribute is the number of wheels employed. Four protrude from the underside – allowing users to wheel the bag vertically - while two more allow for the bag to be dragged.

This allows played to upend the bag and push it when in a tight spot, which is often the case when travelling by tube, train or airplane.

In addition to the three handles on the main body and one on the top, there is a sturdy plastic handle on the belly. When the bag is in its erect position, players can lift the bag in its entirety using this handle.

If the heavens open, you're covered, as it is made from a waterproof material that protects your kit from the elements.

Two bag straps secure your bag in place on the inside, which boasts ample space, and more straps on the outside allow players to secure their sticks, relinquishing the fear their prized possessions will be thrown around inside.

Unlike other travel bags I have tested, the Big Max Aqua EZ Roller maintains a decent amount of rigidity when dragged in the flat position. Other products droop in the middle, which accentuates the weight of the bag.

At just over four-and-a-half kilos, the Big Max Aqua EZ Roller is light and nimble. The outside shoe pocket allow players quick access.

Customers can also benefit from free embroidery on the handle.


The Big Max Aqua EZ Roller is the best in class, boasting all the attributes required of a travel bag.

It boasts a classy aesthetic, and benefits from six wheels, allowing players to push it in an upright position.