Baffler XL hybrid

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Charlie Lemay
Fri, 15 Nov 2013
Baffler XL hybrid
An ultra-forgiving hybrid which offers decent distance as well. Feel and weight distribution wasn

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Forgiving, long
Not the best feel, head-heavy, unappealing sound
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PRICE: £119.99 YEAR: from 2013

Cobra produce funky clubs aimed at the younger audience and the Baffler XL Hybrid is no different.

The dark blue finish contrasts nicely with the silver face and the club looks almost classic when you look down at it from above.

However, turn the club over and you know it’s a Cobra you’ve got in your hands. Rails jut out at every angle and it’s a much more eccentric design on the bottom.

The big face inspires confidence and the club sits nicely behind the ball and just begs to be hit.

On impact the ball goes straight up off this hybrid – you’re not going to struggle getting the ball in the air with this due to the low centre of gravity incorporated by designers.

The forgiveness offered by the Baffler XL was the stand-out feature of the club for me. The sweet spot seemingly fills the entire face and it’s almost impossible to really miss a shot and see your ball fly out of bounds.

In addition to this I found the ball travelled a good distance and this happened even when not struck perfectly.

However, there are a few negatives as well. The first is the sound of the club at impact. When you hit the ball it gives a tinny, unpleasant sound which may put some people off the club.

The club is also head-heavy which makes it hard to control. On occasion I felt the club get away from me and I would have preferred the weight to  be a bit more balanced throughout the club.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the feel either. By no means did I really take exception to it but there are plenty of hybrids on the market which trump it in this category. Off the face it feels a little dead.

Comes stock with Cobra Baffler XL Graphite shaft


An ultra-forgiving hybrid which offers decent distance as well. Feel isn't great and weight distribution wasn’t to my liking and makes an unpleasant sound when hit.