TRC Utility Wood

The TRC Utility Wood Series is designed to help golfers easily get relief from deep rough, sand and divots. The club was designed with the expertise of Nick Price and with proven rail technology to be a club that every level of golfer can benefit from. It has the highest launch angle of any Sonartec club to help get the ball up quickly and land softly on the green from bad lies, fairway bunkers or from the light rough. The T.R.C comes in a shorter shaft for improved accuracy and has a flat face to react more like an iron, but with the distance of a wood. Driving Cavity on Sole allows for greater distance and control and a mid, flat ball flight. Balanced weight distribution in the perimeter creates more stability on heel/toe miss-hits and a wider sweet spot. Deeper Centre of Gravity (CG) creates a penetrating ball flight with no balloon effect; ball is less apt to be affected by wind.

Tue, 21 Feb 2006

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PRICE: £179.00 YEAR: from 2004