AeroBurner Rescue

The new TaylorMade "AeroBurner Rescue" is the perfect hybrid option for the golfer seeking added distance and mid-high launch.


The new TaylorMade "AeroBurner Rescue" is the perfect hybrid option for the golfer seeking added distance and mid-high launch.

In terms of looks, it features all the visible technology as found on both the AeroBurner driver and the AeroBurner fairway wood with a raised centre crown that keeps airflow attached to the head longer and an eye-catching new "aero" hosel fin that reduces drag and increases clubhead speed.

The two distinct lines on the raised centre crown aid good alignment to the ball, particularly with the AeroBurner logo resting in centre, while the white crown mixed against the shallow, black face provides the golfer with added confidence at address.

And once again, you have renowned TaylorMade technology on the sole with a striking red "Speed Pocket" that increases flex on the face for added distance. This also pleasingly comes with a flexible debris cover to ensure no mud or grass gets trapped inside.

Despite occupying more of a fairway-wood look than a driving iron, the AeroBurner Rescue sits even squarer than the R15 Rescue at address and that is nice to see. 

There is no adjustability unlike the R15, so this is once again a club for the "attitude" player who just wants to stand up to the ball and let it fly.

During testing with a 19 degree model, we carried the ball 203 yards on average with total distance reaching 217 yards, which is certainly a good five yards longer than our typical hybrid average. Launch angle averaged out at a mid-high 11.9 degree, with spin at 3000 RPM and ball speed at 135 mph.

It did not prove the most accurate hybrid we have ever tested off the deck, with several strikes drawing left of our intended target line, but our excuse is that the wind was howling off the right.

Results were certainly much more accurate off a tee peg, however, with plenty of pure strikes going straight down the line - perfect for those long, daunting par three holes. 


The AeroBurner Rescue presented us with above-average distance, a mid-high launch and terrific feel at impact, aided by the standard Matrix Speed RUL-Z 70 stiff shaft.

It does make quite a loud, brittle noise at impact, but when was the last time TaylorMade designed a soft-sounding metalwood?

Given the added distance you will obtain from this hybrid, the user will need to make sure they are comfortable with their chosen loft so that it fits correctly in between the yardage of their longest iron and fairway wood.

Ensuring you have correct gapping throughout the bag is one of the most important things you can do when purchasing a new set of clubs – which is why we recommend you get yourself on a launch monitor and custom fit your clubs.

The AeroBurner Rescue is not exactly cheap at £159 but given the added distance, ease of use, stylish looks and impressive feel, this one is well worth a closer look at this season.

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