910H (19 deg)

Features adjustable head settings. Projects medium launch, straight ball flight and lower spin. Loft options for both right and left-handers are 17, 19, 21 and 24 degrees. Three stock shafts available, with wrench and instructions included.

Bob Warters
Wed, 1 Dec 2010
910H (19 deg)

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PRICE: £196.00 YEAR: from 2010

Fitted with Titleist's latest adjustable head technology, this elegant-looking hybrid is aimed at golfers looking to replace their longer irons with a more forgiving 'rescue-style' club, which delivers a tighter dispersion than the 910F and 910FD fairway metals.

Titleist's claims of a medium launch, straight ball flight and lower spin were replicated by my initial test fitting shots using the 19-degree version fitted with the Diamana 71 lite shaft (Red) that I had in the 910F fairway metal.

Carrying 160 yards (running out to 175 on the launch monitor which tracked my shots), even on a cold and frosty fitting day, this nicely filled the gap between 3-wood and 5-iron. Some, however, may decide that the looks and feel of the 910F may qualify for an additional 24-degree version, though at £196 per club, it may prove one expense too far.

910H hybrids will be available in late December 2010.


I've only had a brief experience of the Titleist 910H hybrid - albeit on a chilly driving range - but initial feedback suggests this is a confidence-inspiring club for a mid-handicapper, whom previously might have felt that Titleist was a brand more suited to better players. Don't be intimidated. If the longer irons are giving you trouble this is a club that can add an extra dimension to your game.

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