Tour Preferred MB

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Charlie Lemay
Wed, 15 May 2013

Tour Preferred MB
A superb iron for better players which offers great feel, distance and workability when hit properly

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Long, great feel, easy to work
Not forgiving
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PRICE: £609.00 YEAR: from 2012

These remarkable TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons 4-PW Steel have been specifically designed for the purist golfer. Finely wrought muscleback blades with clear lines, minimal offset and a compact player's shape, these excellent irons deliver awesome workability and control in every shot for low handicap golfers.

As with almost all blades, I liked the look of this iron although the weight in the back makes the club look adjustable which it is not. It has a thin sole and clean top line with minimal offset.  

It has a shiny finish and the design is kept simple – full marks for appearance.

When struck correctly these clubs are absolutely superb. They produce a penetrating ball flight with low spin rates which is just what I was looking for from a MB iron.

They also offer a heap of forgiveness. Whether you want to manipulate the ball right, left, up or down the Tour Preferred MBs offer this up.

Distance and feel are two other areas these irons excel. They offer a soft, solid feel which really appealed to me and the ball flies off the clubface.

When not struck properly, the Tour Preferred MBs turn into something of a horror show. With almost no help in getting the ball in the air, the ball spurts out low and causes the user to recoil at the stinging feedback sent back through the shaft – not a pleasant experience.

Comes with a True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft.


A superb iron for better players which offers great feel, distance and workability when hit properly 

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