AP1 (712 Series) - steel shaft

Multi-material, dual cavity for more forgiveness solid feel and improved distance control. Stainless steel body and high density tungsten sole weight. Bevelled top line with progressively reduced blade length through short irons. True Temper Dynalite Gold XP steel shaft to optimise initial launch angle and maximise distance. Stock graphite Tour AD shaft for higher launch. Available from mid-November 2011 in right and left hand with suggested retail price of

Bob Warters
Wed, 21 Sep 2011
AP1 (712 Series) - steel shaft

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PRICE: £93.00 YEAR: from 2011

Though Titleist irons have always been seen as a badge of excellence, some golfers - me included -  have felt that perhaps its AP1 and AP2 models were not quite forgiving enough for my standard of play.

I doubt at my age (though 40 years experience in the game may count for a little advantage), I'm going to improve beyond the higher echelons of a Category Two golfer, no matter how much time I devote to practice.

So I'm looking for a little lee-way in my ball-striking that turns a slight miss-hit into a presentable result in terms of launch, accuracy and distance.

A 40mph cross-wind on the Archerfield Links practice ground was hardly the most appropriate proving ground to try the new 712 series Titleist AP1 irons but first impressions were favourable.

In looks, I liked the confidence-inspiring top line and the profile of the clubhead at address. Compared to some clubs in the 'forgiving' category it was more elegant yet more sympathetic to the needs of the 12-handicapper.

The new AP1s still demanded an element of consistency in strike, especially in the longer irons but if I secured a set, I'd probably take Titleist general manager Steve Pelisek's advice and invest in complimentary hybrids to replace them.

I felt more comfortable with the mid and short irons with solid strikes that delivered a firm, crunchy feel and a higher trajectory that cut through a wind hurting from the left.


For golfers who may have previously thought that Titleist was out of their league in terms of forgiveness, playability and workability, these 712 Series AP1 irons are strong contenders for long term investment.

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