Black pearl finish (also available in satin finish), featuring laser milled zip-grooves on each clubface. Stronger than traditional lofts identified on each toe, large cavity head to assist with immediate trajectory. Priced at

Bob Warters
Wed, 9 Feb 2011
large cavity behind the head that helps to get the ball airborne with a buttery feel

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PRICE: £105.00 YEAR: from 2011

I loved these black beauties from the minute they were unwrapped and put into action.

They are a classy-looking club from 4-iron to pitching wedge (though I was only able to review a  three-club sample which also included the 8-iron).

The most significant feature is the laser milled zip-grooves on the faces of each club, so effective in its world class wedges. The friction and ball-stopping spin generated was remarkable but did seem to effect the durability of the premium balls I used.

Despite the steel shafts, these clubs are lighter than their Cleveland CG15 predecessors, with a large cavity behind the head that helps to get the ball airborne with a buttery feel.

Even from a distance and without the benefit of those greenside cameras that show up the action on a golf ball, I could clearly see how the grooves helped the ball 'dig its toes in', while the longer iron skipped and held the green nicely.

Designed with offset to play like longer, penetrating wedges, the clubs have stronger lofts than the CG15s but will help the low to mid-handicapper achieve more control.

I also appreciated the innovation is the loft etched into toe of each club to help players fit the degree gaps between clubs to their game.

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