Tank Versa #7

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 29 May 2014
Tank Versa #7

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PRICE: £130.00 YEAR: from 2014

The new Odyssey Tank range has been extended and the inclusion of the heel-toe weighted Tank Versa #7 mallet is about to make the world's best selling putter even more popular.

Tank technology uses Counterbalance Weight Stability which gives you a heavier than standard head with a heavier shaft to keep your hands quieter through your putting stroke. That is the minor benefit of extra weight, the main reason the Tank has proved so popular has been because the extra weight provides an extremely high MOI for more stability through the impact zone for a more consistent pendulum stroke.

Testing the 36" version, for example, the total club MOI is 34% higher than a standard putter and a 19% increase in total club weight. Tank Versa #7 also features Tour-proven High Contrast Alignment.

Looks: Love the look of the High Contrast Alignment aid, one of the best alignments I've seen this season. This black and white Tour-proven technology aid highlights the proper face angle from address to impact and improves concentration. The three black dots in the middle are placed in the middle of the ball and the black lines aid with a straight back and through stroke. I also like the cut out in the flange, acting like a 2-Ball design.

Feel: Smooth stroke, lovely 'pop' sensation off the face from the White Hot insert and stable stroke thanks to the greater total club MOI. As expected for an Odyssey.

Performance: The greater MOI on offer here provided great stability through impact and helped engage more of pendulum stroke, preventing my wrists from breaking down. Lots of putts were being holed from close range.

Verdict: One of the strongest mallets out there, as you'd expect from a new Odyssey putter. Head weight felt just right and almost impossible to pull or push a putt from close range. Very hard to fault and terrific value for money at £130.

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