Aussie Mallet Tour Black

A stunning piece of design, possibly the best looking putter that will be on the market this year. It is Rife

Bob Warters
Wed, 22 Apr 2009
Aussie Mallet Tour Black
Always been a fan of horizontal grooves

Need To Know

Love the face grooves
Tends to scratch easily
Our score:
PRICE: £109.99 YEAR: from 2009

First impression:

Rife's first ever non-two bar mallet with a plumber's neck with heel toe weighting for increased stability. Tour Black finish.

Looks: As the manufacturers rightly claims, the Aussie mallet is a stunning piece of design' which has an even more sleek appearance in its Tour Black livery. However, if the Kangaroo logo cover is not kept in place when the putter is not in use it can easily scratch against other clubs in your bag - devaluing it somewhat. I particularly admired the distinctive horizontal white alignment marks on the head which stood out against the black material, introducing a feeling of confidence at address and encouraging a square follow through after impact.

Sadly i don't look after my clubs as well as I should, forget to replace the headcovers and consequently the matt black finish tends to get easily scratched.

Feel/Performance: Always been a fan of horizontal groove technology to deliver a soft feel to even the firmest of modern golf balls. And when I loaned it out for a few holes to a scratch golfer reluctant to swap his trusted Scotty Cameron, he too was impressed by the feel and roll the horizontal grooves induced. And with its ability to sweep up the ball on its flange, this Aussie Mallet ticks all the boxes.

not first look