Iconic Z

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 23 May 2013
Iconic Z
A solid classic blade that we'd be more than happy to put in the bag

Need To Know

Roll Groove Technology; heavy grooves minimise skidding; classic blade appearance;
Not a fan of the bronzed finish
Our score:
PRICE: £129.00 YEAR: from 2013

A plumbers neck, the Iconic Z compliments hard 90-degree edges with a paralleled topline. The tail of this blade offers a pure sightline for golfers that need to see the perpendicular ‘T’.  

The classic blade appearance is gorgeous and the contrast between grooved face and shiny flat bottom is impressive. The bright blue grip is a comfortable and nice touch.

The Rife Iconic Z is made from stainless steel and comes in three finishes: sterling, phantom, and rose gold - so go with what takes your fancy. If we're honest, the bronzed finish wasn't ideal for us. 

In terms of feel, we received a slightly harder feel than ideal but it was relatively easy to control the pace of the ball from both short and long range. From outside of 20-feet, this blade felt reliable and well weighted.

Performance-wise, the ball came off the face nicely and rolled well. We were big fans of the RollGroove Technology that utilised slightly less loft than some of the others we've tested this year. We also notes the fairly heavy grooves on the face of the blade created the traction needed to minimise skidding.

The smaller than ideal alignment line made it hard to send the ball in the right direction on those short putts, however.


This was our first time testing a Rife putter and we were pleasantly surprised – it’s no wonder more and more tour players are adopting their flatsticks. A solid, classic blade that we would be more than happy to put in the bag. Value for money at less than £130. 

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