Adams Tom Watson wedge review

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 20 Jun 2013
Adams Tom Watson wedge review

Need To Know

Old school design; Crisp, consistent feel on all the money shots; Value for money
Rounded clubface
Our score:
PRICE: £51.00 YEAR: from 2013

The new Adams wedge is designed in recognition of Adams staffer and golf legend Tom Watson's first US Open title when he memorably chipped in from off the green at Pebble Beach's iconic par-3 17th.

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This special edition club features a stainless steel construction and large clubface that allows the centre of gravity to be located lower and deeper for better playability from all lies. It also includes maximum groove volume and optimised sole shaping that minimises digging into the turf.

On first inspection of the 52-degree version, the old school design is neat. You can tell by the traditional looks that Adams is clearly wanting to pay homage to Watson and wedges of yesteryear.

Placing clubhead behind ball, there's a rather rounded looking clubface awaiting. It's also much wider than other wedges we've tested this year.

It's by no means the most softest feeling wedge out there but the perfectly weighted head flows through impact and there's a crisp, consistent feel on all shots.

In terms of performance, the beveled sole slides through the turf nicely and generates plenty of spin from within 100 yards. Ball flight is decent on full shots, as too dispersion. It's a little tricky to flight the ball down given how wide and open the face sits at address.


Although I'm not exactly overwhelmed by its appearance, it more than makes amends in terms of feel and performance. Value for money given it's almost half the price of many of the top-end wedges.

Pro Verdict (Tom Hayward)

While I like the low, deep centre of gravity in this wedge, it lies far too open at address and just looks too wide. Saying that, I achieved a decent spin rate with this 54-degree version and extremely consistent yardages of 108 yards. It's not going in the bag but it's perfect for the game improver.

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