Forged Wedge

Control, spin and feel - the Callaway Forged Wedge has it all

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 20 Jun 2013
Forged Wedge

Need To Know

Great feeling wedge; Nice square look; Blended C-Grind and Tour CC Grooves promotes some of the best spin out there; Good feedback
Appears a little wide at address;
Our score:
PRICE: £99.00 YEAR: from 2012

The newest forged wedge from Callaway provides golfers with all the control, spin and feel they could ever want to attack the pin.

It features a blended C-Grind and Tour CC Grooves - 21 tightly spaced, conforming grooves ensure more edges come in contact with the ball to maximise friction and increase spin.

In terms of appearance, the traditional Tour-inspired shape and style with a higher toe and straight leading edge provides a nice, square look. Saying that, it still lies wide open. Weight has been removed from the face near the hosel and dropped higher on the back of the club to promote a higher centre of gravity.

This is a great feeling wedge that generates consistently pure ball striking. I received a very compressed feel throughout and a lovely crushing sound at impact when catching one out the centre. It provides plenty of feedback too, and will let you know when hitting one out the heel or toe.

Judging from our Flightscope results, I achieved some of our best spin rates out of the 52-degree wedges we've tested this year. It provides ideal trajectory and distance control. The soft C shape also provides versatility for pinpoint shot-making by relieving the heel and reducing the width of the sole.


Good all-round performer, despite feeling like it sits far too wide at address. If you want a bit more zip on your wedges, the Callaway Forged is perfect for you. The increase in number of grooves may be a turn off for some better players, though.

Pro Verdict (Tom Hayward)

On first look, it sits miles open at address. Big fan of the multiple grooves, though, it's a nice touch. Ball striking feels good off the face and shots come off really hot. Plenty of spin to get excited about and consistent distances. Pleasing.

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