Mack Daddy 3 wedge review

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 21 Oct 2015
Mack Daddy 3 wedge review
As good as it gets for a premium wedge

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strong looks, soft feel around the greens, easy to control, flights ball low on full 100-yard shots, wider sole promotes greater forgiveness especially out of sand
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PRICE: £109.00 YEAR: from 2015

If you're looking to trim the handicap in a hurry, we recommend you consider adding the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 wedge to your bag. 

While the former Mack Daddy 2 wedge was an impressive performer, picking up one of our gold awards in the process, the revamped MD3 now comes packed with a choice of three different grinds (S, C and W) and three different groove patterns for increased spin as loft increases.

The big change that Callaway wedge designer Roger Cleveland has made to the MD3 is adding a wider version of the MD2 S-Grind and new W-Grind. 

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It can sometimes be difficult for brands to emulate the appearance of something so perfect with a new product, especially when it comes to a beautifully crafted wedge - but Callaway has done it with the MD3.

While the standard Satin Chrome finish is back, we are much more excited about the MD3's beautiful new Matte Black design. The darkened finish to the W-Grind that we tested out in 54 degrees represented one of the most appealing wedges we have seen for some time.

Four lime green holes have been drilled into the back of the sole to not only add to its appeal, but enable Callaway to remove weight from the sole and move it higher up the head to control the trajectory on a lower ball flight - something better players will likely appreciate.

Its bright lime Lamkin UTx grip jazzes things up even more. 

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The MD3 has once again been engineered with clean, neat milled Mack Daddy grooves and laser micro grooves, which maintain the confidence-inspiring solar-like panel look.

The grooves differ in shape from lob wedge up to pitching wedge - a move designed to help players regulate the amount of spin they generate. For example, the lob wedge features more aggressive grooves and the pitching wedge utilises slightly less spinning grooves to control the trajectory better. 

The biggest difference chief wedge designer Roger Cleveland has made to the MD3 wedges is widening the S-Grind and adding a new W-Grind.  


Around the greens and out of sand, there is a lovely 'one bounce, check, release' feel to the MD3.

Full shots with the 54-degree model felt soft and buttery at impact, and the ball consistently slammed the breaks on accordingly when hitting the dancefloor from 100 yards. 

The sound is consistently crisp on centre strikes and the Lamkin UTx stock grip aids a remarkably comfortable feel on those delicate shots out the greenside rough and sand. 


An abundance of forgiveness and playabilty. 

The W-Grind's slightly wider sole is very much ideal for the player who tends to come in steep with their swing - and that very much appealed to us. 

Spin was not tremendously dissimilar to that of the MD2, but it was still spinning better than the majority of wedges we have tested this season from around 100 yards. It was also deadly accurate on full-blooded shots. 

The MD3 was a very strong performer out of sand, much to do with the extra width on the sole creating more bounce and as a result, added forgiveness. 

It also proved very easy to control from in and around 100 yards, especially when playing several knockdown shots under the breeze. 


The Callaway MD3 is as good as it gets for a premium wedge. Players of all abilities will likely admire the looks, feel and performance of this one. 

By no means cheap at £109, but this is one of the best performing wedges in the game today. 

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