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Andy Roberts
Thu, 20 Jun 2013

Need To Know

Stunning appearance; Unique, three different surfaces on the sole; Based on how you address the ball, you can adjust the amount of bounce; Great spin rates and dispersion pattern
Hard to think of one
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PRICE: £89.00 YEAR: from 2013

The innovative TaylorMade ATV wedge has a unique sole design that changes the amount of bounce for different shots, meaning optimal performance from a variety of lies and surfaces. Milled grooves combine with a micro-texture face pattern to increase spin.

It's the best looking wedge out there, in my book. It’s a traditional, streamlined design that sits beautifully behind the ball. I'm a big fan of the red and black racing style lines - likened to Manchester United colours - in similar fashion to the yellow and black stripes of the RocketBladez irons. That alone inspires confidence.

ATV is also unique in the sense there are three different surfaces on the sole with two thin and outside grindings and then a wider flange in the centre. Based on how you address the ball and how you set your hands, you can adjust the amount of bounce on the ATV wedge. It’s an all-in-one wedge, if you like, just like the R1 driver.

In terms of feel, it's pretty similar to TaylorMade’s previous xFT wedge. It's a little head heavy but the KBS Tour shaft feels stable enough through impact with an effortless translation through the turf. Feedback is also great on off-centre hits.

Performance-wise, it's also hard to fault. I achieved one of the best spin rates from the wedges I've tested this year, solid dispersion, ease of launch, solid distance and consistently pure strikes.


Great looking wedge that’s easy to hit for players of all abilities. I can assure you that you’ll feel incredibly confident standing over the ball. Perfect for players who struggle with putts from long range.

Pro Verdict (Tom Hayward)

A little head heavy and I’d like too see a little more variation in trajectory, but they’re the only negatives. Nice appearance and exceptional performance both from delicate chip shots around the green and outside of 100 yards. Pleasing spin rate and accurate. One of the best. 

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