Best Wedges Test 2016

We review the hottest wedges today - and award golds to our favourite five

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Thu, 7 Jul 2016

Best Wedges Test 2016

‘A wedge is a wedge’, you say? How wrong you are.

We have tested 10 of the best wrenches on the market, and unearthed five wondrous wands.

Aligning at Silvermere Golf Club in Surrey, we used Titleist Pro V1 balls to test each wedge from fairway, range mat, greenside rough and sand. 

To capture accurate data, we used a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor.

Here is our verdict: 

Bettinardi H2

Bettinardi make fantastic flat sticks, and they are producing some world class wedges to boot. The H2 is a versatile wedge and it allowed us to play any shot we wished around the green, despite only being available in one grind. There is not too much forgiveness on offer, so we believe this one is suited to the better player. The forged head offers a delightful, soft but solid feel.

Head to the Bettinardi website for more information. 

Best Wedges Test 2016

Callaway Mack Daddy 3

Phil Mickelson trusts the Mack Daddy 3 – and so should you. Its predecessor, the Mack Daddy 2, was a gold award winner, and the revamped version offers more grind options and increased spin. Around the greens and out of the sand, there is an appealing ‘one bounce, check and release’ to it. There is also a buttery soft feel on full shots, lots of versatility around the greens and bundles of spin on full shots from inside of 100 yards. A worthy gold star. 

Head to Callaway's website for more information. 

Best Wedges Test 2016

Cleveland RTX 2.0

This one has been a favourite of ours for some time, and it still sits atop the 2016 wedge tree. One of the best short-game wands when it comes to spin, whether you want your ball to waltz on the dancefloor from 120 yards, or check and zip from 20 yards. The wedge also just happens to be as sexy as they come with its classic headshape - something very few brands can rival. Cleveland Golf is known for outstanding wedges, and this wrench does not disappoint. The best wedge in the company's history - but we hear there is more to come! 

Head to Cleveland's website for more information. 

Best Wedges Test 2016

Cobra King

Cobra’s wedges in recent years have been good, but not exceptional. When it comes to the new KING, the brand has hit the big time. It has a gorgeous soft feel off the face and the progressive grooves ensured we got optimum spin rates out of all the lofts. It also performed admirably around the greens, and out the sand we felt in complete control of the ball. A big improvement on last year’s iteration, and like much of Cobra's 2016 lineup, we have awarded another gold star. Cobra is simply smashing it this season.

Head to Cobra's website for more information. 

Best Wedges Test 2016

Mizuno S5

Another wedge we have been raving about for a solid six months now. Boasting a striking blue finish, the S5 sticks out among its competitors. Varying depths of grooves through the set provided superb spin rates, whether we were hitting full or partial shots. Its mid-size profile was to our liking, and we enjoyed the buttery forged feel on offer. As always, nothing feels like a Mizuno.

Head to Mizuno's website for more information. 

Nike Engage wedges

Wielded by Rory McIlroy, the Engage wedge comes in three sole grinds. We particularly enjoyed its performance around the greens and we felt it got through the turf with ease, while also offering us control. The only slight negative for us was its appearance behind the ball - it is a little chunky in comparison to some of the others. Definitely worth consideration though.

Head to Nike's website for more information. 

TaylorMade Tour Preferred wedge

The latest wedge from TaylorMade features the brand’s most aggressive grooves, which offered us heaps of spin on all shots. It proved one of the longer wrenches in our test, but not quite as consistent as some of the others. We love the headshape and its chic aesthetic, though, and we felt as though we could manipulate the trajectory with ease. 

Head to the TaylorMade website for more information. 

Best Wedges Test 2016

Titleist Vokey SM6

“These are the best wedges we’ve ever made,” said Bob Vokey. You heard the man. The centre of gravity (CG) has been realigned behind the impact position, and this aided our control, trajectory and distance. From all surfaces and lies, we felt in complete control of our Pro V1 and we were able to manipulate our spin rates with ease. We also salivated over its darkened finish and traditional head shape. Available in a large variety of grinds to suit every golfer, the SM6 is a nailed-on gold star.

Head to the Titleist website for more information. 

Best Wedges Test 2016

Williams Double U Wedge

Making the most of Formula One technology, the new Williams wedge offers distance and soft feel when struck from the sweet spot. Its spin rates on full and partial shots remained consistent throughout the test. It is a little on the chunky side of things which was not necessarily to our taste, and if you stray from the sweet spot, there is not a great deal of help. A little bland in appearance and headshape in comparison to the more established wedge makers, but a decent opening wedge from Williams. 

Head to Williams' website for more information.

Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP

Thanks to Micro Spin Lines, there is heaps of spin on offer in the FG Tour PMP wedge. There are up to 95 options available through custom fitting, with three grinds on offer and a sexy blue finish. It has a naturally high ball flight, thanks to its KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft - something we adore - and it also produces buckets of feedback. Perhaps a tad heavier than the others, but a strong perfoming wedge from Wilson. Definitely worth a closer look. 

Head to the Wilson Staff website for more information. 

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