PGA Tour announce huge rule change that will undoubtedly grab Jordan Spieth's attention

The PGA Tour have announced players will be able to leave the scoring area for 15 minutes and return to make amendments without getting disqualified.

Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth

The 2024 Genesis Invitational was a forgettable experience for PGA Tour star Jordan Spieth. 

The three-time major champion signed for an incorrect score after the second round and was booted out of Tiger Woods' tournament at Riviera. 

So the story goes, Spieth handed in his card quickly and made a break for the men's room after feeling unwell. 

When he returned, he was promptly disqualified. 

It led to an outpouring of anger and frustration, given Woods also withdrew after feeling unwell and Spieth was a star name. 

Afterall, we can all see what he shot given his entire round was captured for TV and traced. 

But what happened to Spieth is apparently going to be a thing of the past.

At least, in theory. 

PGA Tour pro Michael Kim confirmed before the Travelers Championship that members were informed of a sweeping rule change. 

Said rule change will permit players to leave the scoring area for up to 15 minutes and return to make any amendments without penalty. 

Outlining the '15-minute window to correct an error on the scorecard', the document states:

  • If a scorecard is validated in the scoring system and the player has left the scoring area, he may return to correct an error within 15 minutes of its validation
  • If a player has left the scoring area and an error is identified before the scorecard is validated in the scoring system, he may return to correct the erorr within 15 minutes of the error being identified by the scoring official
  • If a player is in the scoring area when the 15 minutes expires, his scorecard is returned when he leaves the scoring area

"I think it's way better this way," Kim wrote on Tuesday afternoon on X. "Hopefully no more scorecard DQs in the future."

See his post here:

And this is the document that outlines the changes:


The rule will take affect as of this week. 

When he was disqualified, Spieth took it on the chin. 

"Today, I signed for an incorrect scorecard and stepped out of the scoring area, after thinking I went through all procedures to make sure it was correct," he wrote on X at the time. 

"Rules are rules, and I take full responsibility. I love this tournament and golf course as much as any on the PGA Tour so it hurts to not have a run at the weekend."

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