PGA Tour pro predicts Masters glory for Rory McIlroy in end-of-season Q&A

PGA Tour pro Michael Kim claimed Rory McIlroy has 'at least 10' chances to win the Masters in an insightful Q&A on the platform X.

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Tue, 7 Nov 2023
PGA Tour pro predicts Masters glory for Rory McIlroy in end-of-season Q&A

PGA Tour pro Michael Kim is one of the best follows on Golf Twitter X. 

To say he's fairly active on the platform is somewhat of an understatement. 

This year alone he's dropped some incredible tales about life on Tour. One of our favourites came when he revealed one pro deliberately took a two-stroke penalty to avoid walking up a big hill. 

Kim, 30, decided to offer his followers the chance to ask some quickfire questions now his season is over. 

The golfer predicted Rory McIlroy will win the Masters as he believes the Northern Irishman has at least 10 opportunities to do so. 

Check out the full thread here

Here's a selection of the best questions and answers:

Q. Who's the most entertaining practice round partner?

Kim: Jason Bohn

Q. Did you hate the course in Cabo as much as Kelly Kraft did?

Kim: Didn't hate it, I liked it better than Mayakoba because it suited my game better. I can understand the complaints but we all play the same course.

Q. If you had Rory’s length, would you be as good as Michael Block?

Kim: One can only dream. 

Q. Can you confirm if @GrilloEmiliano didn't actually care when he rinsed it on 18 at Colonial and by extension, are there many guys on Tour who can truly contend and don't care much about the end result?

Kim: It's not that we don't care. We realize that it's not the end of the world if we miss a shot or two because that is golf. We accept and move on to the next shot.

Q. Best pairing you had all year?

Kim: Max Homa Sunday at Wells Fargo

Q. As a pro, have you ever had a mental block with a specific club that you just didn't feel comfortable swinging?

Kim: I and many other pros have had mental blocks with prob every club in our bag haha. You do it for long enough, there's going to be times when you feel uncomfortable with a club/situation.

You can play around it for the round sometimes but other times, you do the best you can and accept the results.

I play in discomfort all the time, it's golf, and for me there's lots of high pressures situations you can't expect to be comfortable every time you play. You have to learn to be ok with the discomfort and not think oh no, I shouldn't be feeling this way. Easier said than done haha.

Q. Do any tour pros say anything to you about your Twitter presence and opening up about some of the inside info on tour?

Kim: Nothing negative although they do make comments about how active I've become on it.

Q. Who impresses you most that is seldom mentioned to us merely mortals?

Kim: Corey Conners, the dude hits it on a STRING. 

Q. You get into a fight and need another tour pro to be your tag team partner. Who you picking and why? 

Kim: Jon Rahm. He's big and strong and I know he'd have my back.

Q. Will Rory ever win the Masters? Honestly.

Kim: Yes, he still has at least 10 chances at it. Once he finds the right mindset, he'll get one.

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