PGA Tour pro reveals SHOCKING rules official tale: "F*** it, I'm 3-under par!"

"Hot summer story!" PGA Tour winner takes to Twitter to reveal incredible tale about a player and rules official this season. 

PGA Tour pro reveals SHOCKING rules official tale: "F*** it, I'm 3-under par!"
PGA Tour pro reveals SHOCKING rules official tale: "F*** it, I'm 3-under…

PGA Tour winner Michael Kim has shocked golf fans on Twitter today by revealing an incredible interaction between a player and rules official this season. 

Kim did not give any details about the player, official or tournament in question. 

But it's a brilliant tale nonetheless...

PGA Tour pro reveals SHOCKING rules official tale:

Kim, who won the 2018 John Deere Classic by a record eight strokes, explained this "hot summer story" has been going around the locker room on the PGA Tour

The incident between the unnamed player and rules official is said to have happened in the second round of a tournament. 

It was said to have been a scorcher of a day and the player in question had three holes left to play in his round.

The player apparently wanted to learn how many penalty strokes he would be docked should he take a lift in a cart from the 15th green to the 16th tee box, which was situated "up a really big hill."

He found out it was two strokes, and then after realising he had three strokes to spare in order to make the weekend, at least at the time, he decided to take the rules official up on the offer of a two-stroke penalty for a lift. 

The player went on to par the last three holes, accepting the two-stroke penalty in the process on the 16th, and he would make the cut by one stroke! 

Here's Kim with the full story: 

"Hot summer story I’ve heard:
"A while back, a player was playing well on Friday and was at 3-under par.
"It was a VERY hot afternoon and the walk from 15 green to 16th tee box was far and up a really big hill. He sees a rules official and calls him…
"Player: Hey, what’s the penalty if you give me a ride to the tee box?
"Official: uhh it’s a two stroke penalty
"P: what’s the cut line at?
"O: it’s currently at even par
"P: Fu** it, I’m at 3-under give me a ride to that tee box.
"He made par on the last three holes and made the cut by one."

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PGA Tour pro reveals SHOCKING rules official tale:

Has the time come for the Tour Championship to change its format? 

Kim, who is quickly establishing himself as a fan favourite on Golf Twitter this season, spoke out about potential changes being made to the Tour Championship on Sunday. 

This was after he saw a flurry of tweets from golf fans urging the PGA Tour to make changes with their staggered scoring format following Viktor Hovland's runaway victory at East Lake on Sunday.

Kim, however, believes the staggered format is the simplest format for everyone to understand, and it should remain. 

The debate has certainly left many of you on the fence in our latest Twitter poll: 

A number of golf fans think a match play contest would be the best and fairest way to determine a FedEx Cup champion, but Kim strongly disagrees with that. 

"Match play is a terrible idea," tweeted Kim. 


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