Ten golf driving ranges in Bristol

Live in Bristol and want to know where you can go to smash a few balls? We've compiled this list of the 10 best driving ranges in Bristol

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Tue, 14 May 2013

Ten golf driving ranges in Bristol

Here is our list of ten golf driving ranges in the Bristol area. We've included the main features of each, as well as the opening hours, the nearest train station and what you can expect to pay for a basket of balls.

1. Bristol Golf Centre

Located close to the M4 and the M32, Bristol Golf Centre is easy to get to and has 24 bays, all with automated tees and floodlights.

Postcode: BS16 1QQ
Closest station: Bristol Parkway
Opening Hours: 9am-9pm (8pm weekends)
Cost: £4 for 53 balls
Website: Hambrook Golf Range

2. Tickenham Golf Club

This floodlit range has 24 bays, five of which have automated tees. There is also a practice bunker and free club hire for children. Although not in the centre of Bristol, Tickenham is just off the M5, so handy on the commute home from work.

Postcode: BS21 6RY
Closest station: Hailsea & Backwell
Opening Hours: 8.30am-8.30pm (Mon-Fri), weekends: 7.30am-7pm (Mar-Oct), 7.30am-6pm (Nov-Feb)
Cost: £3.50 for 50 balls
Website: Tickenham Golf Club

3. Woodspring Golf & Country Club

This range has 26 bays - 15 with automated tees - and floodlights, and is open until 10pm on most nights. Top quality mats and range balls, and there is also food available from the clubhouse next door.

Postcode: BS41 9LR
Closest station: Parson Street
Opening Hours: 8am-8pm
Cost: £3 for 50 balls
Website: Woodspring Golf & Country Club

4. Stockwood Vale Golf Club

Just a few miles from the city centre, Stockwood Vale has 15 covered bays and a putting green. Lessons are also available for those in need of a helping hand.

Postcode: BS31 2ER
Closest station: Keynsham
Opening Hours: 8am-9pm (8pm weekends)
Cost: £3 for 40 balls
Website: Stockwood Vale Golf Club

5. Windmill Golf Academy

Windmill Golf Academy features floodlights, 20 heated bays with automated tees, as well as laser-measured targets and distance markers. The 300-yard range also has an on-site cafe and some of the bays even have mirrors behind them so you see what you're doing wrong/admire your perfect technique...

Postcode: BS36 2FE
Closest station: Bristol Parkway
Opening Hours: 9.30am-10pm Tue-Thu (9pm Mon & Fri), 9am-7pm (Sat-Sun)
Cost: £3.75 for 50 balls
Website: Windmill Golf Academy

6. Tracy Park Golf & Country Club

Tracy Park has 13 bays with state-of-the-art Tee-Line matting, a synthetic short game practice area with bunkers and a putting green, but there are no floodlights and it's uncovered.

Postcode: BS30 5RN
Closest station: Keynsham
Opening Hours: 8am-8pm
Cost: £4 for 50 balls
Website: Tracy Park

7. The Bristol Golf Club

Just off J17 of the M5, The Bristol is easy to get to, and has 10 covered bays. There are floodlights for the evenings, as well as a 130-metre pitching area with a bunker.

Postcode: BS10 7TP
Closest station: Patchway
Opening Hours: Last balls 7.30 Tue-Fri, 30 mins before last light Sat-Mon
Cost: £3.50 for 50 balls
Website: The Bristol Golf Club

8. Farrington Park

Farrington has 14 covered bays with automated tees and six grass bays. The 250-yard range provides Srixon range balls and targets, plus a chipping green with bunkers. There is also a 300-yard practice ground a few minutes' walk away, where players who want some privacy can hit their own balls.

Postcode: BS39 6TS
Closest station: -
Opening Hours: 8am-9pm (Mon-Fri), 7.30am-8pm (Sat-Sun)
Cost: £3 for 50 balls
Website: Farrington Park

9. Thornbury Golf Centre

Thornbury offers 90-compression balls and targets to aim for, and all 25 bays bays are covered and floodlit to ensure you can practice whenever it suits you.

Postcode: BS35 3XL
Closest station: Patchway
Opening Hours: 7am-9pm (6pm Sunday)
Cost: £3.75 for 50/60 balls (peak/off-peak)
Website: Thornbury Golf Centre

10. The Kendleshire

The Kendleshire offers 'a dry range', so be prepared to brave the weather at this 275-yard range. There are target greens and flags and grass tees, but no floodlights.

Postcode: BS36 2TG
Closest station: Yate
Opening Hours: Daylight hours
Cost: £3 for 50 balls
Website: The Kendleshire