Card Wrecker

What did we make of the beautiful course in Myrtle Beach?

Card Wrecker

Card Wrecker – 1st hole, par 5 (600 yards from the blues)

Card Wrecker – 1st hole, par 5 (600 yards from the blues)

Don’t be drawn in by the beauty of the club as you will need all your concentration if you want to get through the first hole unscathed.

The opening hole at True blue is stroke index one and demands three good bashes if you want to be on the green in regulation.

At a staggering 600 yards (624 off the black) this is a long hole first up so make sure you’re limber and raring to go on the first tee box.

Your tee shot must be straight as there is sand on the right side of the fairway and a huge waste area running down the left.  Ideally, players want to play to the right side of the fairway as the hole doglegs to the left.

Your next shot will need to be a layup as there is a stream which traverses the hole just before the green and again, golfers would be wise to aim for the right side of the fairway as the left has a large waste area.

As you hit into the narrow green, you will need pin-point accuracy in order to get close and anything slightly off will see your ball run off the dance floor and a large bunker guards the back and right side of the green.

A par is a good result at the end of this one. 

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