Brooks Koepka "really looking forward" to the 2021 US PGA at Kiawah Island

Koepka confident of jumping back on the major bandwagon in 2021- and he targets the US PGA and US Open as his best chances...

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Fri, 8 Jan 2021
Brooks Koepka "really looking forward" to the 2021 US PGA at Kiawah Island

Brooks Koepka believes his best chances of adding to his haul of four major titles in 2021 will come at the US PGA Championship at Kiawah Island, and also at the US Open at Torrey Pines. 

Koepka, 30, was speaking to SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio's Beyond The Tips on Wednesday, and he could not hide his excitement at getting to the "tough test" that awaits at Kiawah Island from May 20-23.

“Well, I’m just going to say, because I’ve done pretty good at them, I kind of like Kiawah," said Koepka, when quizzed on which major he is most looking forward to in 2021.

"I think that’s going to be a good setup for me just personally, just the way I play. Tough golf courses, I like those. It suits me down to the ground. I feel like I’ve always played well at PGAs. 

"And then, you know, Torrey [Pines] will be interesting for the US Open.

"I know I’ve won two of my majors on Poa, but I’m not the most comfortable putter on Poa Annua. For some reason I struggle with it. I mean, like I said, I know I’ve won, but it’s just not my most comfortable green to putt on. I’m more of a Bermuda and Bent guy. But I think that might be my best chance because it is a ball strikers golf course.

"Then after that I mean I love the British Open. I just think it’s so much fun, but I would definitely give myself the benefit of the doubt at a Kiawah. I think that would be the one where I’m really looking forward to."

Koepka has won four major titles with back-to-back US Open titles in 2017 and 2018, and consecutive US PGA triumphs in 2018 and 2019.

The former World No.1, now down to 12th in the rankings following an indifferent 2020, also explained how he prepares differently for the majors compared to regular PGA Tour events. 

"It’s really hard to answer that one, but I kind of know the answer, and it’s hard to explain to people," said Koepka.

"It’s like the moment we get on the plane and go from the week before or if it’s an off-week from when we land, they’ve always said they can see the difference in my attitude, the way I go about things, it’s very serious and very regimented. 

"No matter what happens, I always play 9 holes every day. I feel like I try and save my energy because I’m so mentally exhausted when it comes to Sunday. In contention or out of contention, I’m just dead come Sunday afternoon. But I always play 9 holes every day, never try and practice too much after or before because once you arrive there, you should already have it.

"I already feel like I’ve mentally beat everybody because I feel like I’m so strong-willed that when I get there, I’m like ‘I’m going to win, and I need to win, and I’m going to do anything I have to win’."