PGA of America COO arrested on suspicion of assault

Darrell Crall arrested on suspicion of assault and now placed on administrative leave...

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Wed, 16 Dec 2020
PGA of America COO arrested on suspicion of assault

PGA of America's chief operating officer Darrell Crall has been arrested on suspicion of assault, according to multiple reports. 

Crall, 53, is accused of assault family violence impeding breath or circulation - a third-degree felony alleging someone purposely prevented someone from breathing or prevented their blood circulation. 

Crall has now been placed on administrative leave.

"Darrell made us aware of the allegation, which we take very seriously," a spokesperson for the PGA of America told Denton Record-Chronicle.

"He has been placed on administrative leave while the judicial process runs its course. We have no further comment."

Reports claim that Crall posted a $15,000 bond on November 25. 

Attorney David Ovard released a statement to Morning Read, which read: "Please know that Darrell has full faith in the legal system and expects that when all the facts are known, the truth – that no crime occurred – is something everyone will understand. In addition, the person who initially made a complaint has since recanted all of the allegations and doesn’t want this matter to be involved in the legal system. Darrell expects to be fully exonerated."

Crall's arrest comes during a time when the PGA of America has revealed plans to relocate its headquarters from South Florida to a $520 million development in Frisco, Texas, and that is expected to be completed by August 2022. 

In 2011, Crall joined the PGA of America as senior director of Golf 2.0, focusing on growing the game and the business of golf. He was then promoted to COO in November 2012.