10 best winter golf practice drills to work on at home

Put these into practice over winter and you'll be ready to fire in 2018. 

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It can be mighty tough motivating yourself to head to the driving range and work on your swing during the winter months. 

But even if you don't live down the road from the warmth and comfort of an Urban Golf, there are plenty of simple indoor golf drills that you can perform in the luxury of your living room or during that well-deserved office break to keep your game sharp.

While it's tricky to practice driving the ball unless you have a 300-yard long garden, you can at least focus on fine-tuning your swing, rhythm and tempo, as well as mastering that short game and all-important putting stroke.

We've also got tips on how you even break a mental sweat, too.

Here are 10 things we recommend you consider working on this winter...


The perfect way to practice the swing in the freedom of your own garden. Just don't miss the net... you don't want to be knocking on No.22 and asking Mrs Jenkins if she can rummage through her pansies for your Titleist Pro V1. 

Always seek permission from the bill payer first and ensure the net is placed within a few yards of where you are striking the ball. 

Depending on what sort of turf you have in the garden, it's best to put some carpet down to ensure you leave some grass in place.

Most good nets will cost around £40. Although you can't see where the ball goes - like you do on the range and on the course - you can certainly gauge feel and sound of impact.