5 excruciatingly obvious ways to improve that golfers overlook

The simplest golf tips to give your game a boost. 

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All too often we see golfers out there getting far too caught up in their own golf swing or their equipment. They try everything from working on their plane at home and in the office to testing out every possible combination with their wrench, fully expecting themselves to transform into Jordan Spieth the very next round. 

But hey, let's chill for one second. This is a hobby, a leisure, not a job (well for the majority of us at least). In the words of Avril Lavigne... "Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?"

While there is nothing wrong with being a tinkerer, equipment freak or swing plane perfectionist, there are some much more obvious and simpler ways to improve your game fast. The following five video tips are also areas of the game that most golfers overlook.

The first starts in your head. A clear mind is key for lower scores, and that's before you've even pulled the trigger on the first tee...