Best Golf Tips: 5 things to help improve your game this summer

Best Golf Instruction Tips: World of Golf master pro Duncan Woolger reveals his top tips. 

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Mon, 4 Jun 2018

BEST GOLF INSTRUCTION TIPS 2018: In need of some hot golf tips to improve your game this summer? You've arrived at the right place.

We caught up with World of Golf master professional Duncan Woolger to help you on your way to lower scores over the next couple of months...


You don't have to keep many stats to help you find where you're losing shots.

Try and keep a note of the fairways you hit and miss (i.e was it right, left, through the fairway, short of it), then share these with your coach to see if you need to improve your driving and club selection from the tee.

Greens in regulation stats will also aid you in your progress this summer. I'd also like you to count the greens you nearly hit in regulation too (so within 10 yards of the green). Also make notes on whether you missed the green short, long, right or left - this will really help you work things out on the range. 

I'd like you to make notes on the amount of penalty shots you take - which will hopefully be zero - and the amount of putts you take. 

There are apps available out there to help you do this easily, as well as sensors that go in the top of your golf club (i.e. Cobra Connect). 

I recommend you compile stats for at least five rounds so you start seeing any patterns emerging in your game. You can then sit down with your coach and he/she will be able to improve your weaknesses.