How to get your golf swing takeaway on plane every time

Pre set the takeaway and swing on plane for more consistency. 

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Tue, 16 May 2017

how to get your golf swing takeaway on plane

Destructive golf shots are normally caused by the club arriving at impact out of position, writes head PGA pro of De Vere Wokefield Park Adam Glass.

If we can swing the club on a correct plane relative to the path the club is travelling we have a much better chance of getting a consistent low point to the swing and that can lead to far more consistency.

Quite often any chance of swinging on plane is ruined by a poor takeaway. I see two main characteristics on takeaway which can make swinging the club in a balanced on plane position difficult.

The first is the clubhead moves inside too quickly behind the hands with too much body turn which is normally a misinterpretation of the saying 'turn away from the ball'.

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The second is the clubhead being picked straight up with an upward cocking of the wrists and not enough hinging of the wrists potentially leading to a steep choppy action with not enough width.

Ideally we want everything to work in harmony on the takeaway and one of my favourite drills is to pre set the club with the shaft parallel with the floor as shown in the picture.

A mirror is going to come in handy to match feel with reality and assist you getting into the desired position, it will also give you an awareness of the clubface position.